About Mandy

Christian. Musician. Ethical Hacker. Front End Web Developer at CNET.com.

I'm a web designer / developer based in Kentucky. I am passionate about web design and making the internet a beautiful and safe place to be.

Throughout my web career, I have worked in quality assurance, design, development, and information security. I focus not only on color schemes and images, but a site's usability. A website should look gorgeous but also be simple and safe to use.

This is an important time to have a digital presence. The web has grown immensely in the past few years, and many small businesses have been hurting due to the lack of an online presence. Since the web is always growing and changing, it's imperative for a business to have the ability to communicate digitally.

That's where I come in! Whether you need a website to promote your business, a redesign of an outdated website, or you have something else in mind, I'm your gal. No matter how much (or how little) technical knowledge you have, I assure you we can work together to produce something great to match your needs.

Upon discussing the details of the project with you, I will be able to provide a quote for items like the cost of development, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), domain names, hosting and maintenance that may be involved. I am also always willing to work with you on pricing, so never hesitate to reach out!

Get in touch to learn more about how I roll.